Fabien Viger 6 rue Nicolas Roret, 75013 Paris
born August 27th, 1982 +33 6 77 52 17 18


2004 - 2007 PhD thesis: Metrology of large graphs and networks, University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6).
Supervised by Serge Fdida and Matthieu Latapy (LIP6)
2004 MS 6-month research internship at the LIAFA, supervised by Matthieu Latapy.
Subject: Generation of random simple connected graphs with prescribed degree sequence
2003-2004 MS: Advanced Algorithmics with Honors, University Pierre and Marie Curie. Rank : 7
2001-2004 MMFAI (Special MS of Mathematics and Computer Science) at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris
2003 6-month research internship at CUBIN, The University of Melbourne, supervised by Darryl Veitch.
Subject: Active Probing with ICMP Packets
2002 (summer) Short research internship supervised by Philippe Mussi, in project MASCOTTE, at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.
Subject : Road traffic simulation
2001-2002 BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, ENS Paris.
2001-2005 Scholarship at the E.N.S Paris, option Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science. Rank : 10
.. - 1999 Bilingual studies in the French-German High School, Buc.



Programming: C/C++, Caml, Pascal, FPGA.
Languages: French (native), English (very fluent), German (fluent).