Keyboard Layout for french/spanish/german people using QWERTY under Linux

Installing it:

Old (2007!) instructions for Windows users:

If you already have Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator , you may just download the source file of the keyboard layout, build the installation package and run it yourself. You may also want to tune my layout, making your personal, preferred optimizations. Otherwise, you may download the stand-alone installation package that will add my layout among all the existing layouts on your system.

Once you added the layout, you still have to select it as the default layout for your system. Go to Start Menu - Settings - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options, then select the Languages tab and click on Details.
There you may add your layout with the Add button on the right. When the dialog box appears, you should check the box Keyboard layout/IME which will open a selection list, from which you should select the entry Qwerty (Fab)
Then you should make Qwerty (Fab) the default layout. There's a simple way to do that which doesn't require a reboot: assuming you've got only two layouts now (mine and the one you're using), select the old one, and click on the Remove button, and then click on the Apply button at the bottom. It won't actually remove it, because it's currently in use (you'll get some kind of error message). But at least it will unselect it as default layout. If you like my layout and just want to remove the old layout completely, just do the same thing again -- this time it will effectively remove it.

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