Specification of the roads.csv file

The road data will be in a roads.csv file, which is a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.
Each line will follow the format outlined below.
There will be no quotes in the CSV file, because there won't be any commas, newline or null characters inside the CSV fields: any comma is a field separator, and any newline character '\n' is a line separator.
All fields will be set -- there will be no empty field.

CSV Spec: name, priority, maxspeed, oneway, numpoints, lat0, lng0, lat1, lng1, lat2, lng2, ..., lat_numpoints-1, lng_num_points-1

Important: Roads will be considered connected to each other when they share a point with the exact same position.

1-line Example:

rue Ventadour,4,1,50,1,3,48.8666,2.3340,48.8667,2.3343,48.8673,2.3346
The total number of fields will always be equal to (6 + 2*num_points).